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How do you pick the best seller when there are so many variables and regional preferences?  Pre-season market testing provides an early read and significantly improves return on inventory investments.


Our Solutions


How can the Planner know what items to move to clearance, when to do it, and at what price? Optimal pricing recommendations and dynamic reforecasting makes it easy.



Planning and Allocating assortments doesn't have to be a 'guessing game!'  Forecast Horizon helps retailers automate the planning process from store clustering through store level product assortments.


What happens when you optimize pricing at store level? 300 BPS of additional margin!

Markdown and Promo Optimization

Price at the Store, Cluster or Chain level

Incorporates promotions on markdowns with auto-adjustment to markdown recommendation

Support price point and percent off 

Optimize markdowns jointly with virtual DC allocation

SaaS, browser-based solution

Buyers and Planners easily identify which collections and / or styles are ready to move to clearance

Evaluate price change effects with Dynamic Re-forecasting

Easy integration with existing Data Warehouse, BI, Point Of Sale systems.

Reforecast financial impact based on localized markdowns


Assortment Planning

Make smarter inventory investments

Align merchandise receipt flows with planned selling

Create assortments that are tailored to store rankings or other store characteristics

The Forecast Horizon Assortment Planning solution guides retailers through the process of creating product offerings tailored to the way that customers shop their stores and merchandise.  Seasonal assortments can be created by item for unique channels and store groups utilizing Forecast Horizon’s predictive analytics.  Assortment Planning allows users to:

Incorporate and edit promotional plans and expected lifts based on strategic marketing plans

Plan utilizing key assortment attributes and product features

Incorporate receipt minimums, safety stock, fixture requirements and carton quantities in the calculation of required buy quantities and flow considerations



Get the Buy Right.

Engage consumers and employees to rank products and begin talking about next season’s line.

Analyze hundreds of items quickly without traditional market research constraints or expense

Predictive analytics guide merchants to identify winning and losing products

Understand demand variations by demographics

Align products with brand strategy, consumer desire, and your financial goals for more profitable buys

Fun, fast surveys securely engage large groups of preferred consumers, store sales associates and/or headquarters employees


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